Frequently Asked Questions - Esperance Scenic Flights:

1.       Is Pink Lake the same as Lake Hillier / I’ve heard that the Pink Lake is not pink?

This is a common misconception. Spencer Lake also known locally as Pink Lake, is located 3 km west of Esperance and is not Lake Hillier, Spencer Lake has not been pink in over 10 years. Lake Hillier is a saline lake on the edge of Middle Island approximately 125 km East of Esperance, only accessible by aircraft and boat, lake Hillier keeps its vibrant bubblegum pink colour all year round. If you have seen a spectacular picture of a pink lake, it’s usually Lake Hillier! See also FAQ items 23-24

2. How much does the flight cost?

Please check the Book here button for pricing options

Pricing may be different to this depending on where and how you book the flight

3.       Are there discounts for pensioners?

Pensioners are charged at the Adult rate for scenic flights in Esperance.

4.       Is there a minimum age for passengers?

No, there is no minimum age. Children under 2 years of age are free if they sit on their parent’s lap. Ear muffs will be provided for children under 7 years of age.

5.       How long does the flight take?

Lake Hillier-Middle Island Scenic Flight: The duration of the flight is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Esperance–Cape Le Grand Scenic Flight: 50 minutes

6.       How do I book a seat on the flight?

The best way to book a flight is through our online booking system CLICK HERE, select the scenic fliight you wish to book, choose the date and time you wish to fly. Then complete your personal and payment details.

7.       I’m having trouble booking online. How else can I book?

If you are having trouble booking your scenic flights online, you can call one of our friendly staff members at Goldfields Air Services on 1800 359 427 (1800-FLYGAS) and they can book this over the phone for you. Please ensure you have passenger names, weights and credit card details handy.

8.       What times are the flights available?

Lake Hillier-Middle Island Flight: 9am, 11:30am and 2pm, 7 days a week

Esperance–Cape Le Grand Flight Whale watching special: 9am, 11:30am and 2pm, 7 days a week

9.       What if I am the only person on the flight?

We require a minimum of 2 persons for the flight to go ahead. If you wish to pay for an extra seat we are happy to fly with one passenger.

10.       What if the flight time I want is not available?

If the departure time you want is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800-FLYGAS or email

11.    How high does the plane fly?

Approx 1000-3000 feet (303-600m)

12.    Do you offer helicopter tours?

No, there are no helicopter operators based in Esperance.

13.    What is the best time of day to see Lake Hillier?

Any time of day is great to see Lake Hillier, however, early morning is usually less windy and therefore the best flying conditions.

14.    Is there a better time of year to see Lake Hillier?

Any time of year is great to see Lake Hillier, depending on weather of course.

15.    What is your cancellation policy?

Standard Scenic flight bookings that are cancelled more than 7 days before departure will be refunded in full. Standard scenic flight bookings cancelled between 7 days and 48 hours prior to departure may be eligible for a 50% refund provided the cancellation does not render the flight to have insufficient bookings to proceed.

Early bird discounted flights are required to be cancelled 14 days prior to departure in order to be eligible for a full refund. Early bird discounted bookings cancelled between 14 days and 48 hours prior to departure may be eligible for a 50% refund provided the cancellation does not render the flight to have insufficient bookings to proceed.

No- shows or cancellations less than 48 hours before departure will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Flights that are cancelled by the company will automatically be refunded

16.    Will my flight be cancelled in the event of bad weather?

When inclement weather prevents a flight from proceeding we will liaise closely with passengers to see if the flight can be reschedued - however if this is not possible then a full refund will be provided. Any flights that are cancelled by Goldfields Air Services due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to weather that cannot be rescheduled will be refunded in full.

17.    If my flight is cancelled due to bad weather, will I get my money back?

If the pilot deems the scenic flight unable to proceed due to unsatisfactory weather conditions, you can either transfer your flight to another time or day, or alternatively, receive a full refund.

18.    What will I see on the flight?

Click Flight for Details Lake Hillier-Middle Island Scenic Flight      Esperance-Cape Le Grand Scenic Flight

19.    Will I see whales on this flight?

There is only a small window of opportunity throughout the year to see whales on the WA coast. Usually between June and October, humpback, southern right and blue whales make their way along Esperance’s coast in their annual migration, from the food-rich Southern Ocean to the warm breeding grounds on the north Kimberley coast. The best time to observe these gentle giants of the ocean is at midday, when the sun is directly overhead.

20.    Can you land next to Lake Hillier?

You can’t land on any of the Recherche Archipelago Islands, including Middle Island.

21.    Where does my flight depart from?

Scenic flights depart from Esperance Airport – 19km out of the city on the Coolgardie-Esperance Hwy, Gibson. Passengers are required to check in at the terminal no later than 15 minutes prior to departure time. Our check-in desk is near the baggage carousel in the Esperance Airport Terminal, next to the car rental counters.  CLICK HERE for google map directions

22.    Can you drive to Lake Hillier?

No, Lake Hillier is on Middle Island, about 150km from Esperance, so the only way to access its beauty is by aircraft or boat.

23.    Is Lake Hillier always Pink,

Yes, Lake Hillier maintains its vibrant bubblegum pink shade all year round.

24.    Why is Lake Hillier Pink?

Lake Hillier’s colour is the result of high salinity combined with the presence of a salt-loving algae species known as Dunaliella salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria.

25.    Can I open the window during flight to take photos?

If you wish to open the window of the aircraft during your scenic flight to take photos, you will need to contact us to arrange a private charter of the whole aircraft as we cannot open them with other passengers on board.

26.    Will I get a window seat?

Yes, every passenger gets a seat next to one of the aircrafts large viewing windows.

27.    Can the door be taken off during flight to take photos?

No. However, the door can be opened during flight if you charter the whole aircraft, please contact us by email, or phone 1800-FLYGAS to arrange

28.    Can the door be opened during flight to take photos?

Not on a standard scenic flight, however, if this is something you wish to do, you will need to contact us to charter out the whole aircraft.  Please contact us by email, or phone 1800-FLYGAS to arrange

29.    What should I take with me on the flight?

Any filming equipment you wish to use, and we recommend sunglasses.

30.    What should I wear?

We recommend dressing in comfortable clothing, preferably with closed in shoes and bringing a pair of sunglasses.

31.    I am in a wheelchair; can I still go on the flight?

Yes, the pilot will assist you to get into the aircraft providing you have sufficient upper body strength to manoeuvre yourself into your seat.

32.    I would like to buy a scenic flight as a present. Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. CLICK HERE to see available flights that you can buy as a gift card online.

33.    Are the aircraft equipped with safety features?

Yes. All GAS scenic flight planes are fitted with safety equipment such as lifejackets, EPIRBS and GPS tracking devices.  Our Gippsland GA-8 aircraft also meets the latest FAR-23 aircraft certification safety standards, the only aircraft in the world of its class to do so!!

34.    Will there be commentary during my scenic flight?

Yes, commentary will be provided throughout your scenic flight by your knowledgeable pilot. Please feel free to ask him any questions along the way.  We also provide an information card in both English and Mandarin to read about what you are seeing along your trip.

35. Can I dangle my legs out of the aircraft


You may have seen a photo of someone dangling there legs out of a plane with the pink lake in the background. This is not us and in the interest of safety we are not able to provide this experience.